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There is Nothing New Under the Sun

As I started thinking about this site, and the content I would be writing about, I was slightly overwhelmed. I want to write things that bring value to those who read it, content that affects people’s days and lives, but the part that overwhelms me is the idea of ensuring unique content.

I read other blogs and think, that is exactly what has been on my mind and my heart. Why would I bother writing about it though because it is already out there? I feel like a copy cat if I write about it! If what I am bringing to my readers is not new and fresh, and transformational material, why would they bother reading it?

I used to feel the same way about my job. How can you be innovative in an industry surrounded by patents and a bunch of the same? Every time I would think of an idea, I would find that someone else has already thought of it and patented it. The pressure to bring something completely unique and ground breaking was almost discouraging.

Two things would get in the way of my creativity:

Pride. Wanting full credit for great ideas. The focus is more on me than on what I am doing for my readers.

Tunnel vision. Focusing on the wrong things and missing the big picture.

Then, I realized, sometimes, the things that bring the most value are the ones that are built on a familiar and solid foundation. It is okay to re-create the wheel, as long as the wheel is easier for your audience to understand, use, or will perform better. Innovation and teaching can both be just as powerful when well established ideas are combined and packaged in a new way to bring better value.

I shouldn’t underestimate the power of God’s work in the small things. I will strive to share what God is teaching me, in the hopes to encourage, inspire and spur on change in your life towards better leadership and making a difference in the lives around you.

So with the content of this site, I promise to write with passion and from the heart, but I cannot guarantee that it is all 100% new and fresh. At least, you know now!

What barriers do you run into in your creative process?

  • Randy Kinnick

    Frankly, I do better most of the time when I build on an initial idea someone else had. Not to say I don’t have creative and original ideas. However, you have hit on a very key point…the willingness to think and act collaboratively. I like your point about avoiding pride and tunnel vision…two things I have to guard against, myself. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dan Black


    I totally understand how you feel man. I have had time when I posted on a topic then read several other blogs that had the same topic. I recently read a post that had almost the exact title that was featured on a guest post at my blog.

    I think finding your voice and writing in your style really helps separates a person from other people. It might be the same topic but written in a different way or with different thoughts. I have found taking the time to think about creative ways to write about topics is effective.

    I think the main thing is to write and keep writing.

  • Laura Weiller

    Hello, your wife sent me here after I commented on a post on Christian Mommy Blogger. I LOVE crafts and doing things handmade — we see a lot of repeat in Craft-world, too. So, thank you for this. I was concerned that I was plagiarizing without meaning to do so — and as a lover of writing, plagiarism is a BIG deal. Thank you again.